Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

What other 41 year old gets their wisdom teeth pulled?
Yea, I guess I am a late bloomer!

I had to get the two bottom wisdom teeth pulled on July 1st. Though I hate any dental work! I'm such a chicken! I wish I could have muscle relaxers when I get my teeth cleaned! I knew the process would be bad, but I never thought the recover would be this bad!
Not only did I have to have the teeth pulled but I also had to have bone graph's on the teeth next to the wisdom teeth.
I swelled like crazy! but I didn't bruise. :)
The pain medicine made me sick to my stomach - that was horrible!

My kids were great! They totally let me stay in bed for two full days! They each helped take care of each other, including Jailyn! Kenzie was my nurse, and was wonderful! She made sure I took my medicine on time and that I had my ice packs on and off every 30 minutes! I didn't have to think about anything - she did it all!
Brady took great care of Jailyn, feeding her and even changing her diaper! :)
Conner is my cuddler - so when ever I needed to be cuddled he was there for me!

Nine days later I am still only eating that which melts in my mouth. (Last night I was able to eat yummy birthday cake! - Kenzie's!)
Today I went back to the surgeon and found out that the left bone graph is infected. So now I have to clean it out 3-4 times a day. It kills!
I also have nerve damage. The question is - how much nerve damage? The nerve could be upset because of the infection, or there could be semi-permanent or permanent damage.

I am now on new antibiotics and will be doing my exercises! Prayerfully this ordeal will be over soon! I have another scheduled appointment next week. I hope I can go in next week with a full smile, not the lazy smile I am sporting now!


Justin and Alyson said...

Yikes! What an awful experience!!! I'll be praying that you'll be fully recovered soon!
You can definitely post a link to my blog on yours. I'll keep checking on your blog, too! I can't believe Brady's going into high school!!!! Wow! Have a great summer!

Heather said...

Wow, I don't check in for a few day and look what happens to you. That's it, I'll have to check in every day just to make sure you're okay. :)
Take care
Heather BT