Friday, June 29, 2007

What a blessing!

Jailyn is growing and growing! Can't believe we left to get her 5 months ago! Our Gotcha' Day anniversary is less than a week away! Some ways it seems like just yesterday that we were in China and sometimes it seems a lifetime away. Jailyn is acting like a normal toddler... she has found the tupperware drawer- this is her favorite place to play!
Jailyn has graduated from physical therapy! She is doing so well there and is getting stronger every day! She loves to climb! Of course, she thinks she should be able to do whatever the older kids are doing.
Jailyn loves her family. Mom and Jailyn have a bond that will never be broken! She makes sure Mom is around, even if she is busy playing with someone else. Sure, makes me feel good!
One funny story... Kenzie and Conner were at karate camp last week, on Friday they did a demonstration for the parents. We went early and had to wait outside. Parents began showing and waiting with us - Jailyn decided it was her place to welcome everyone. She went to everyone (about 15 adults) giving them high-fives! Too cute!
For Father's day we wanted to go to Lake Texoma, but with all the rain lately we have put that trip on hold. We took Dad bowling instead. Jailyn loved it - lots of music, fun lights and being with the family! We all had a great time!
With all the other kids activities Jailyn has bonded with some new friends. One of her dear friends is Valentina! She is so cute and they play so well together! Valentina is a good little girl and keeps Jailyn in line when she tries to wander to far away.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Long time no post!

I know I am sorry for not posting for so long! Summer is hear and the kids are out of school and mom is going a mile a minute! But we are enjoying our summer! and we actually bought a new digital camera- so it is much easier to post photos now.
Here are some new ones of Jailyn!
She loves the pool and she loves playing with and eating cool whip! We tried play-doh but she ate too much of that!
I will write more soon - but wanted to get some photos posted!
Talk to y'all soon!
Jodi Sue :)