Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drama Queen! OOOPS DRAMA KING!!!

Conner preformed for his school with his fellow third graders! They sang a rap song about how they are going to ace the TAKS test (state test). It was too cute! Brady and Kenzie asked me to get them out of school a bit early so they could see Conner perform. Too sweet!
Conner did a great job and was in total character! He was even on pitch!

We love our little girl!

Just thought we would share some photos from this sunday! She such a doll face!

Jailyn's favorite activities!

Jailyn cracks me up!!! She loves to wash her hands! She has found that she doesn't need any help to turn the water on at the bathtub! She will stand there for a long time just washing her hands! The other day she was having a typical two year old temper tantrum... I said, "Do you want to wash your hands?" She jumped up and ran to the bathtub, of course with a smile on her face! Too cute!
Jailyn also loves to jump on the trampoline, especially with her brothers and sister! "Jump! Jump!"
Jailyn loves to take everything in where ever she is! We were waiting for our car to get an oil change - and she took over the position of the Welcome committee at the garage. Not a shy bone in her body! :)

Jailyn keeps us all smiling and laughing!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finally in their arms

Oh Valerie and Gary have had a day of it! Check out their blog! What a day! They must be exhausted but at least they finally have their precious daughter!
Aren't they a beautiful family!!!

Valerie where are you?

Oh my! I couldn't sleep last night! Our friends Valerie and Gary are holding their little girl for the first time today (last night in China!) Valerie please post some photos! I can't wait any longer!
Brady told me today -"It's like you are getting another baby!" I know - I am just so excited!
Come on Valerie post already!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another forever family born!

Please join us watch and pray for our dear friends Gary and Valerie as they are finally united with their little angel! Aubriana Rose

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fourth time mom fails

You might think that on the fourth kid I would have a handle on this baby/kid stuff! Jailyn has been restless for the last week at night. Up whining, and sometimes even crying. I was getting so upset and sad that she was going back into her feelings of insecurity and wondering if we would be there for her when she woke up... all those wonderful emotions that go with adoption. :) Today Kenzie was playing with Jailyn and said, "Hey Mom, Jailyn has a new tooth!" Oh, brother - all that worry for nothing! Nothing a little Orajel wont cure! :)
Lesson learned, not everything needs to be analyzed!

Have a great day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I've been TAGGED

I have been tagged by threepsinapod!
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7 Random facts about me...

1. I am in a phase of my life that I love to wear and buy jewelry. Jewelry always fits. Okay maybe not always but it's not a personal when a ring doesn't fit as when a swim suit doesn't fit. I love shoes too - but I have big feet - so my shoes don't ever look feet.
2. I am a coach potato during the Olympics! Don't care if it is summer or winter Olympics. (of course, Apollo is the highlight to my Winter Olympics.) I am glued to them. I am so excited about this years Olympics in China. I hope all of this controversy blows over! The athletes need to compete!
3. I have begun a new clothing line. Sweet but Sassy! I am selling these clothes to raise money for the adoption of our little girl, Jorja. I hope to have a website up soon! I am still designing this new line.
4. I love to craft! Scrapbook, cross stitch, paint... I love this stuff, but I am so behind on all of my projects!
5. I have "cows" not "calfs" - yes, I have been told by my brother, and a very good friend in College - with friends and family like that who needs enemies!
6. I am not naturally a red-head. I thought most people new this but just found out that a friend that I have known for a year didn't know.
7. I am absolutely terrified of the dentist. I am getting a filling and a crown next Tuesday. My tooth is killing me but I am still extremely nervouse!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GO Brady!!!!

Not very often do I get to brag on Brady and his soccer team. They have gone trough a lot of growing pains in the last year.
Not being able to pull out a win all season. (some games were so close!!!) This Saturday they won!!! 3-1!!!
The other team was not happy at all! That made it even more sweet!

Of course, Bryan and I were tag team parenting on Saturday. Conner had to get to his game 20 minutes after Brady's game began so I didn't get to see the game. Of course!!!
Conner's team won too.
Kenzie team lost 0-1 but won a tough scrimmage on Sunday!

Just had to share Brady's happy news!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a difference we all can make!

When Jacob Winters invited all of his classmates to his birthday party recently, he asked them not to bring him any presents. Instead, this very special young man asked them to make a donation to IAAP for the care of little Zhang Qi. Jacob had seen Zhang Qi on our site, and wanted to raise enough money to cover a sponsorship for one year. To the delight of everyone, Jacob's friends donated a total of $642.00! We are so proud of Jacob (and his friends). We know Jacob's parents are very proud, too. Little QiQi is a very lucky baby to have such a special honorary big brother!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's!!!!

This is a great day to be a mom!
How fun was this! I woke the kids screaming, "Snow Day"!
They were a little confused, but Mom said it, it must be true!
April Fool's!

In the kitchen I was preparing Green Eggs and Ham!

They were pretty disgusted by these - Brady of course ate them.
Being the nice mom that I am, knowing that the kids would probably not be too interested in eating green eggs and ham - I had donuts holes on hand for them.

Well, of course I had to play another trick! I had made edible play dough Donut holes. This shocked each and everyone of them! Brady even said, "oh, these donuts look good!" and he put the whole thing in his mouth! I thought I was going to pee my pants!
Conner was a bit more suspicious, but finally took a bite! :) Gotcha!

and Kenzie was the least excited about the green eggs and ham went right for the donuts. The look on her face was priceless.

I wish I could have taken photos at the moment, but that would have given the surprise away.
Good thing these kids have great sense of humors! :)