Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update on My friends daughter

Yeah! Her surgery went well! All is well!
Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prayer Request

Please pray for my dear friend in Germany. Amy's 16 year old daughter is having ear surgery on Thursday.
The tough part is that this sweet 16 year old is autistic. This is going to be very hard on her and the whole
family. Please keep them in your prayers!

Love you Amy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kaeleb will meet his parents in 4 days!

A little boy from our agencies WC list (Lifeline Adoption Services) will be united with his mommy and daddy in four days! Follow their journey!
He is sooooo adorable!!!
Congratulations Connie!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Don't mess with these karate kids!

Today Kenzie and Conner participated in their karate school's Board Breaking seminar.
How fun was that!!!
Each student was given 10 boards and could choose their favorite style to break each board. When all the students were done, our wonderful instructors gave demonstrations! I am putting together a slide show - and hope to get it up soon! :)
Jailyn loves going to watch Kenzie and Conner. She can't wait to be a karate girl! One of the Asst. Instructors, Ms. Brianna, helped Jailyn "break" her pretend board. Jailyn loves to do this at home too.

It's all about Conner

Conner had a great day on Friday! At school he has been studying economics. Today they had "Market Day" every 3rd grader had to make up a business plan and have a product or service to sell. Conner decided to name his store "The Wheel of Fortune" He was selling chocolate covered fortune cookies, but with a twist. He made a spinner with four colors on it. He had dipped the fortune cookies in chocolate and added colored sprinkles to match the spinner's colors. Depending on what color your spin landed is what colored fortune cookie you would get. We were very proud of him! Not only did he have a fun product, but he made it fun for his customers. Good job Conner! Infact, the whole 3rd grade did a great job! This week they will figure out what their profits were. :)
- for those wondering, the students didn't use real money. They earned money over the last few weeks in school and used that play money. :)

Conner also had a big evening! He belt tested at Sidekicks karate for his brown belt! He has done a great job in karate! There were some months that we thought he might drop out. But he has stuck with it and should be a black belt by next year at this time! We are so proud of him!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year Celebration

We had a fun celebration with our city wide group of adopted kids from Asia. We had a yummy potluck of Chinese foods. Fun crafts for all the kids and a dad even brought his portrait studio with him and took beautiful photos of the kids! I will post those when I get them. I wasn't too worried about great group photos since he was taking much better ones!
We had great help from Brady, Kenzie and Conner and their friends Rich, Lauren, and Anthony! Thanks guys! (They wanted to provide Valet parking, but we didn't think it would be a good idea to let Conner get behind the wheel yet!)

Happy Year of the Rat!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Our next karate girl! Jailyn was given an adorable gee and karate pants from a friend - she loves it! When Kenzie and Conner are getting ready for karate class she yells to me "Gee! Gee!" She loves wearing her Gee! and of course Jailyn has her pink belt! Only 7 months away from being eligible to earn her white strip! She already knows her beginner pattern for "Little Dragons", the attention span is something we will need to work on over then next few months! :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy 1st Gotcha' Day!

Wow! A whole year has gone by! Jailyn has grown up so fast! She was such a baby when Coco first handed her to me. She was so curious! Never cried, just took it all in -like she knew what was happening. God was so good in preparing both Jailyn and us for our meeting. He has been even better to us this year as we have gotten to know each other and learn from each other. Jailyn is a normal 2 year old - funny and sweet! But can throw some major temper tantrums! (Course Mom can throw some good ones too!) We have all changed a bit in the last year!

Today we plan to take the kids to a local Chinese Restaurant. Should be fun! Amazingly enough we haven't been to a Chinese Restaurant this year. (We've gotten take-out, but haven't stayed. We're kinda weird!)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pray for the Orphans in China!

Please pray for the orphans in China! This harsh weather has hit many of the orphanages! Broken heaters, lack of electricity, no water! Please pray!
This is a letter from Half the Sky Foundation, a report on some of the orphanages:(Jorja's orphanage is not mentioned so we are praying she that she is fine - Of course, I wont rest until I know for sure!! That's a mommma's job! :)

Hello again,

Welfare institutions in south and central China are having the hardest
time dealing with the weather disaster. This part of the country is
simply not equipped to deal with extreme cold or heavy snow and ice.
most common critical problems are power outages, lack of safe
drinking and
cooking water, lack of fuel, diapers and public transportation. In
places where buses have stopped running, our Half the Sky nannies have
been walking hours (in one case, 4 hours) along icy roads to get to
children. As conditions worsen, our nannies and teachers are
remaining at
the institutions day and night. They have given up the idea of going
to their own families for the holidays. They need quilts. They need
clothing. They need coal, water, disposable diapers and food.

Here are the reports I have thus far, while in-flight. I will send
soon. Where you don't see a report, either all is well or I don't yet
have information. I will tell you when we've heard from everyone.
also given all the directors an emergency number to call when/if the
situation changes.

Hunan Province -

Chenzhou has had no electricity or water for six days. They are
on coal for heat and cooking. The supermarkets and banks are closed.
Staff is using personal money for baby food, diapers, coal and water.
Costs are rising due to shortages. They have a natural well which,
thankfully, is not frozen. Even the older children are helping to
water. They have perhaps six days of food remaining. The local
government is overwhelmed by the disaster and is unable to help much.

Shaoyang has seen heavy snow every day for 20 days. There is
water and, for the moment, there is power, so the children are warm.
However, 5 of 6 power poles have been downed by weather. Only one
and the institution fears it will fall as well, leaving them without
electricity. Much of the rest of the city is already dark. Children
caregivers continue to work and play together. High school students
cramming for exams and trying to ignore the cold. Everyone prays
that the
power pole will continue to stand.

Yueyang also has no electricity. The one functioning power generator
being used in the children's dormitory. They are relying on coal
heat but
the price has tripled in recent days. They are running out of food
have applied to the local Bureau of Civil Affairs for funds to buy
Our HTS nannies have been walking for hours to get to work, often
on the ice, "even though they try to be cautious."

Xiangtan has had snow for the past 10 days. The main water pipe is
"broken again." There is no water for cooking right now but they do
electricity, coal and blankets. They are still able to buy food but
prices have gone way up. Not all of the HTS nannies can get to work
day. They are keeping the programs going as well as they can and make
sure that at least five nurturing nannies are there with the babies
day, along with the institution's caregivers.

Jiangsu Province -

Changzhou has seen some heavy snows but the director reports that the
children are fine. The director says that he's doing his best to
that the children do not suffer. Public transportation is crippled
by the
snow and HTS nannies and teachers are waiting for hours to catch a
bus for
home or even walking home in the snowy dark.

Nanjing reports no problems at all despite the heavy snows. I tried
fly into Nanjing yesterday but it was not possible.

Anhui Province -

Chuzhou has both water and power. Only public transportation has
HTS nannies and teachers are walking to work. They are leaving home
early to be there for the children.

Guangxi Province -

Guilin has two broken HTS heater/air conditioners in the Infant
rooms and they've asked us to replace. The rooms are very, very
They ask for more soft matting for the floors and also snow boots for
HTS nannies who've been slipping and falling in the ice and snow as
come to work. They are so ill-equipped to handle severe weather.

Jiangxi Province -

Fuzhou lost power for a few days but now it is back to normal. The
stopped a couple of days ago but now is falling again. The directors
HTS staff have gathered all the children into one big room to keep
warm. They've bought New Years clothes for the children and will
have a
party no matter how bad the weather. This year, however, the foster
parents will stay home to keep the children safe. The institution has
enough food and water. They want us to focus on those in more serious
trouble and ask us please not to worry.

Jiujiang says they've never faced such bitter weather. They
need disposable diapers. Washable diapers cannot be dried. They need
warm clothes, shoes, gloves hats quilts and warm mats for the floors.
They need medicine for infant coughs and colds.

Hubei Province -

Wuhan suffers heavy snows but they still have power. Heaters are
but there is no water for bathing. The local community has offered to
take children in for the Chinese New Year and the institution feels
may be the best decision to keep them safe.

Huangshi reports that the freeze is so severe that all heater/air
conditioners have stopped functioning. They need quilts and warm
for the children. They need disposable diapers. Several HTS nannies
fallen on the ice on their way to work and they need medicine to treat
cuts and bruises.

Gathering these reports together makes me think about how careful we
always been at Half the Sky to maintain our focus on nurture and
programs. Ours is not a medical or relief organization. There are
wonderful groups who do that work. Probably the primary reason we've
able to accomplish so much and reach so many children is because we've
maintained our focus on our core mission -- providing nurturing care
children who've lost their families..

But a moment like this really cannot be ignored. The tragedy of
Katrina in the US taught us that no matter how wealthy a country
might be,
its vulnerable citizens (old, poor, ill, and orphaned children) are
ones who suffer most when disaster strikes. Even as China seems to be
entering the first world, a disaster like this is quite simply
We know that orphaned children will be among those who suffer the

I say this because I think we should break one of Half the Sky's rules
and, if there are sufficient funds raised in the Little Mouse
Fund, we should offer relief (water, food, diapers, quilts, clothing)
any orphanage where children need help. Let's see how this goes. If
people are as generous as I think they might be, we will work with the
provincial Bureaus of Civil Affairs in every hard-hit community, and
assistance to all welfare institutions where there is need.

Please lend a hand, however you can. You can donate to the Little
Emergency Fund by calling us in the US at +1-510-525-3377 or in Asia
+852- 2520-5266 or by visiting us at Once there,
can click on "Donate Now"
or go to
orderform.pdf to
download a form to mail or fax. Donations are tax-deductible in US,
Canada and Hong Kong.

Please forward this message and tell your friends and family.

I will be back with an update very, very soon.

Thank you!


Jenny Bowen
Executive Director
Half the Sky Foundation

Half the Sky was created in order to enrich the lives and enhance the
prospects for orphaned children in China. We establish and operate
infant nurture and preschool programs, provide personalized learning
for older children and establish loving permanent family care and
guidance for children with disabilities. It is our goal to ensure
that every orphaned child has a caring adult in her life and a chance
at a bright future.