Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What a trip!

WOW! We had a great trip this summer... Colorado for Bryan's mom's 75th birthday parties. That was nice hanging out with the family! Then we went to Glennwood Springs with some of Jodi's family for a few days of swimming in the hot springs pool! Then we were off to Omaha to see our friends, the Stahrs! What a crazy group of 8 kids and 2 mom's! People must have thought we were nuts! But, we had fun! After a week with the Stahrs we were off to Chicago to see one of Jailyn's friends from China. It was wonderful to see the kids together again - not sure if they knew each other, but they played together!
I could go into a lot more detail about our car trouble this trip but I don't want to bore you! - just know that I am looking for a new van! :) Enjoy these pictures!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Can't believe it will be 5 months tomorrow when Jailyn was placed in our arms! She has grown so much and has become such an "Anderson"! Creative, athletic, silly, loves to explore, loves to play outside with brothers and sister, loves to be the center of attention, cuddly, loves to talk and be loud, loves to kick the soccer ball in the house, loves to do karate! and is stubborn like the rest of us too. We are working on her manners now that she has many more words and signs. Yesterday morning she actually signed "No thank you" Course, the rest of the day she chose to scream and just hit whatever was being offered to her that she didn't want, but baby steps! She is at the toddler stage that she knows what she wants but is having a hard time communicating it to everyone else!
Things Mom wishes... the tupperware could find it's own way back to it's drawer. (I find tupperware in the strangest places! Jailyn must be playing the Easter Egg hunt game with Tupperware!)
... light switches were lower. Jailyn will let you stand and hold her for an hour and play with the light switch! "On" "Off" she says and laughs! It's cute for the first 15 minutes but after that... :)
.... a fence around the front yard and the drive way. Like every toddler explaining that they shouldn't go in the street is a very hard lesson!
... a computer for those little hands that want to pound on Mom and Dad's computer. I know the toy computers say 3 yrs and up but Jailyn may be getting one for her 2nd birthday in September! Maybe if I set up a little desk for her in the office she will enjoy that. (remember this is a "wish" list) :)

All joking aside, we can't imagine our family without Jailyn! She is such a blessing! The kids are so wonderful with her and help Mom out so much! We are still praying for another brother or sister for the kids, not sure if our next adoption will be domestic or foreign again - just beginning to look into it. God will provide!

Happy 4th to y'all! Sorry not too many new pictures since the last post... just this cute photo of Jailyn lining up for karate class with Conner. She is counting down the months that she can be a white belt... 15 months still! She has already learned the first pattern and has Mr. Padilla and Mr. Boone (the instructors) wrapped around her little pinky!

Love to all!
Jodi Sue :)