Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas in July

I need your help! We are already thinking of Christmas ideas! With child number 5 coming home this fall we are really trying to stick to a budget (ha!ha!) We would like to do some homemade gifts, but I need ideas! These ideas need to be for Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and cousins (ages 8 - 13 (boys and girls).
Teacher gifts too!
In the past I have cross-stitched (very time consuming - not enough time)
Scrap booked
Painted canvas
made blankets
I'm running out of ideas!
My mom has suggested that we purchase something at a garage sale! We can make it into something else or leave it as is, but it has to be purchased from a garage sale. I think this sounds fun - but not everyone in the family agrees. :)
Our families have also said, "Just buy for the kids" but one of my brothers has no kids and the other only has one kiddo. And Bryan's brother only has two kids and his sister's kiddo is an adult now. So I feel bad not getting them something when they are buying for our 5 kids!
Any suggestions would be helpful! Please leave your suggestions in the comments! There may be others who want ideas too!

Happy Christmas in July!


Jay said...

Oh. I have lots of ideas!

Heather said...

my SIL made tote/shopping bags for us last Christmas out of canvas & strapping. Very handy and very 'green'. You're talented enough you could add drawstrings and make totes for the kids too. Plain canvas the kids can decorate w/paint and patterned ones for the adults.
How's that, I know it's not garage sale related, but there you are.
Heather BT