Monday, July 14, 2008

My favorite Birthday present of all!

Do you remember how the Cosby's always sang a song or had a performance for their mother's birthday? Well, I do and I always thought that would be the greatest birthday present ever! Well, guess what I got it this year!

Kenzie and Conner put together a show - Anderson's Got Talent! Too cute!!!
They laid out the Red Carpet for me and gave me VIP seating!
Jailyn did her acrobatics! The girl is a natural! And loves to perform!
Conner wrote and sang a song for me! I will have to share the words with y'all at another time.

They even had a commercial - Advertising the dresses that I am making to help raise funds to bring our little Jorja home!

Then it was time for Kenzie to show off her Stranger Danger karate moves! Sorry Dad was the recipient of her kicks and punches!
Even Jailyn got into the act with Conner! Glad he is teaching her Stranger Danger!

Too cute! Maybe next year Brady will not be so shy and show off his hidden talents!
He did a great job as photographer for me though! :)

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sasha said...

How precious! That is a WONDERFUL gift.