Monday, July 14, 2008

Kenzie and Moms Birthdays!

Yes, my darling daughter's birthday is the day before mine! We love this! and we try to take advantage of it often! This year we decided that we needed a weekend of R and R- just the two of us! We haven't done this for three years! Kenzie is 12 now - so it seemed like the perfect time!
I'm not sure who was more excited - Kenz or me! Since I was having my wisdom teeth pulled on July 1st. We decided to get our manicures and pedicures done prior to my surgery! This was a great idea! Kenz has been such a huge help to me with Jailyn this summer that she deserved a little treat!
Friday the 4th we watched fireworks with the rest of the family but we were really excited to get out of the house the next morning and begin our weekend! I had told her where we would be staying and some things that we would do - but there was one BIG surprise that I wanted to keep that way! For weeks Kenz made me give her clues as to what we were going to do. These were the clues I had given her:
- One doesn't have to dress up, but it is more fun then arriving casual.
- We may do a bit of dancing.
- You have been there, but have never seen this.
- You may be in it some day.
and the last but not least
- Not middle school but...
That's right -

High School Musical! It was great! One of Kenzie's soccer team mates and her Mom came with us! It was great fun! We hope we can go see some more LIVE performances!

After the show we went to dinner with our friends, and laughed and laughed!
Then our friends went home and Kenzie and I returned to the Westin! Yes, I have never stayed at a Westin! It was beautiful! Kenzie was sold when we walked in the room and she saw the flat screen T.V.!

We ended up going to the pool for about 3 hours! Kenzie was water logged! It was so relaxing though!
We were a bit hungry when we went back to the room -so I ran to the nearest store to pick up some snacks. Love the Westin but refused to pay $6.00 for a small can of cookies! :)
When I got back we munched and cuddled and watched The Bucket List! Great movie!

In the morning we spent another 2 hours or so at the pool! Kenzie found a family to play ball with. This sweet family made us miss our boys and Jailyn, but it didn't last long. :)
The rest of the day was spent shopping! We hit a ton of stores and were able to purchase Kenzie some school clothes for next year.
But best of all we spent the whole day chatting and goofing off! We had a wonderful time! I wish we could do this every year!

Thanks for a great weekend Kenzie!!!!

Here I am sporting my swollen face and muscle cramped face! This is the biggest smile I could get!

Kenzie in the mall trying to decide what # she likes her sleep number bed at!

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