Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a whirl wind week!

We have had such a crazy, busy last week! Conner tested for his conditional Black Belt! He did a great job at his belt test! He was the highest belt and had to do Pattern 6 and his specialized Pattern 7 all by himself in front of everyone! He did a great job!!! We are so proud of him! A few more months and he will be a full Black belt!

Saturday we finally were able to celebrate Kenzie's 12 birthday! She had 8 girlfriends over. We played a lot of obstacle course games... The theme was "I survived a Japanese Game Show". If you watched this TV show last season you will understand. Hai Majide!!!
We also spent 3 hours at the neighborhood pool! It was a fun day!!! Kenzie really has some nice friends! Happy Birthday girl!! We love you!!

Sunday we were honored to be "Family of the Week"!!!
We were awarded tickets to the local Water Park, Hawaiian Falls! We also had a Cabana for the day, and a Cabana boy! He was sooooo cute!!! We felt so pampered!! We had a great time!
After the day at the water park, Kenzie had a soccer game. They won!!! It was a great game!!

Monday - First day of school for all of the big kids!! And two of them are going to new schools. Thankfully we were organized and had our backpacks ready to go!
We have a few traditions for the first day of school - one being we measure the kids to see how much they grew from the last year - Brady grew 2 inches and has hit the 6 foot mark!
Kenzie - grew 2 3/4 inches!!! Way to go girl!!!!
Conner - grew 2 1/4 inches!!!
Jailyn - grew 3 inches!!! Wow!!! She is still only 24lbs.

They all had a great first day of school! Jailyn missed them so much!!! All morning she was asking for them!!!

Tuesday - Jailyn had her first evaluation for Pre-school. Our school district offers two different pre-school programs for Special Needs kids. She had so much fun talking with the therapists who were evaluating her, and of course she had them wrapped around her little finger! She did a great job. We will find out next week which pre-school she will be in. Jailyn is excited to go to school. This is making me so sad, but I know it is what she needs to succeed. Plus, when Jorja gets home this will give Jorja and I some alone time.

When will Jorja get home? Good question!!! We are hoping to receive our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from China in about 3 weeks. When we sign this and send it back to China we will be waiting to get our Travel Approval! We are still hoping to travel before Thanksgiving! Can't wait to get our little girl home!!!

~ Jodi Sue :)


Amy said...

Wow, you are a busy bunch!!! LOA in 3 weeks? That means you may travel in 5 or 6 weeks? How great!!! Oh I want one more! Right now no agency is working with American non military families living in Germany. GWC is looking into it for friends of ours. If they find a way to do it maybe I can get Juergen to bend. Right now it is not even do able. We got Sarah just in time!

Tena said...

No wonder I haven't seen you guys! I forgot that you've got three in different schools with different start/end times...miss you!