Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Imaginary Friend or Sister-to-be?

Jailyn is getting very excited for Jorja to come home. We think she has finally realized that Jorja is not just a picture of a beautiful face! Jailyn loves to go "big girl bed" shopping for beds for her and Jorja. Jailyn hates to sleep alone - every night she says ,"Jorja will sleep in my room." She has also begun giving people assigned seats in the car. "Jorja will sit by me!" Of course, this brings up the whole topic with the other three kids - how are we all going to fit in our mini-van? We'll fit - everyone may not sit exactly where they want to - but we will fit! :) We are hoping for gas prices to go down as we find our selves taking two cars to one location! (We can dream!)

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Glaziersgirl said...

We are fine, bracing for a "little" stormy weather. We are pretty far north so expect a lot of rain but not much else. We are all moved in to the new house and loving it!

I miss you guys too! Please give my little sweetie a big hug and kiss from me. Hugs to you too. Keep me posted on Jorga's homecoming.