Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More then half her life

Yeah! We have hit the mark!
Over 16 months and 6 days ago Jailyn was placed in our arms! She was 16 months and 6 days old!
From here on out we will have her in are arms longer then she was a lone. We love cuddling with her, reading books to her, playing with her, teaching her, watching her grow! No one in the family can imagine what life was without her! In some ways Jailyn has changed our lives, but in other ways - nothing has changed. Jailyn loves being part of our family and loves the craziness of all of us! As Kenzie says, "Jailyn is most happy when she has an audience."

Jailyn has come so far since we first met her! Her speech has improved incredibly! Even people who are not family members can understand her! She loves to talk!

Jailyn will be a huge help as we bring Jorja home! The birth order may be a bit confusing as first as I'm sure Jailyn will be teaching her big sister the ropes!


Amy said...

How wonderful!!!It will take 3 more years before I can say that about both Sarah (adopted at age 4) and Thomas (adopted at age 7). I wonder what that will do for their feelings of belonging? I'm so glad Jailyn has crossed that point!!!

sasha said...

So happy to hear she is doing so well!

Glaziersgirl said...

Please give her a big hug and kiss for me....I miss seeing her and Mommy! Hope you are all well. We close on our house in 2 days!!! Woohoo.